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(Consulate Accepts All South Indian Issued Cases)
Kanchanjunga Bldg., 9th Floor, Peddar
Near Kemps Corner, Mumbai - 400026.
Tel : 022 2388 6743 / 44 / 45 Fax : 022 2388 6765

W.E.F. 19th May 2010, The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Mumbai hereby amend the below mentioned rules for visa documents.

Applicant must submit visa application fulfilling the following criteria of each document; otherwise the application shall not be entertained.

(a) Covering letter from Indian company
1. Signed by authorized signatory with name, designation and seal of the company. (Mention briefly the purpose of visit and supporting documents)

(b) Invitation Letter from Korean company (Inviter)
1. Original handwritten signature with seal of the Korean company.
2. Business registration copy of Korean company.
3. Notarized Invitation letter for the first time travelers abroad.

(c) Financial documents
1. Copies of Income Tax Return--duly attested as true copy by Notary public.
2. Form 16, Salary slip--duly attested as true copy by the company with seal & signature.
3. Bank Statement--duly attested by respective Bank with original Bank seal.

It is to be noted that all the applicants must apply in advance with all the necessary documents.

Tourist Visa  :

Recent Photo,
Forex Covering Letter,
Proof of Income,
Proof of Profession Omp,
Hotel Voucher or Tour Confirmation Letter and Itinerary,
Original income tax paper of the passenger,
Bank statement Tour itinerary

Business Visa  :

Passport Recent Photo,
Invitation should be directly faxed to the consulate from the company in Korea and the copy to the Passenger,
Original income tax paper for 02 years,
Foreign Exchange,
03 months Bank Statement of the passenger with salary a/c and name & address should be there,
Company income tax paper,
Bank statement copies,
Company balance sheet copies.

W.E.F 20 May 2008, Korea consulate will require Registration Number of Korean Company on the Invitation for the first timer Invitation as to be in Original. For regular visitor Invitation can be faxed. For both traveller, they also require Korean Company Registration copy.

Download visa application form

Download visa application form