Earnest House, 16th Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 21
Tel : 2282 2822 Fax : 2282 4727.

The Consulate have start accepting the visa application in Mumbai as it was stopped due to some technical reason in Israel Emigration from last 15 days !!!!!

Reg. for business Visa  :

1.   Original passport valid at least 06 month.

2.   2 Colour photograph as per specification 35x45mm 80% face should be seen white background.

3.   Original Leave letter on Company letter head if pax is working.

4.   Covering letter from applicant.

5.   Covering letter on Company letter head is pax is having his own business.

6.   Hotel Confirmation as per ticket.

7.   Salary Slip of last 03 months.

8.   Personal bank statement of last 03 month with minimum balance 30,000/- with bank seal & sign.

9.   Travel Insurance as per ticket.

10. Ticket after sub of 07 working days.

Note: If Husband & wife is traveling to Israel then we required Original Marriage Certificate with join photograph with Notary from place of issue & if under 18 child is traveling along with parents then we required Original Birth Certificate with Notary from place of issue, both parents has to come Personally in the consulate to do sign in declaration form in front of Consular. 


Download application form OR Download application form